English in Use: A Book of Grammar & Composition

English in Use is a two–level series of books designed for primary and post primary levels. The series aims at teaching grammar, vocabulary and all the four skills of English to students of class 1 to 8. The series follows communicative approach to language teaching.

Main Features of the series:

  • Explains and illustrates the grammatical items in simple and clear English.
  • Is carefully graded to suit the interests and cognitive levels of learners at each stage.
  • Teaches grammatical items by exposing students to interesting and authentic language activities/tasks such as conversations, newspaper reports, comic strips, advertisements, poems, magazines, recipes, biographical accounts, narratives etc.
  • Uses a wide variety of exercise types/tasks and activities.
  • Prepares students to describe people, places and things, scientific and industrial processes, and write notices, messages, postcards, invitations, letters, stories and essays.
  • Uses both verbal (notices, newspaper cuttings, advertisements, letters, notes and outlines) and visual stimuli (pictures, graphs, maps, posters etc.) to encourage students to produce effective and interesting pieces of writing.
  • Includes an appendix giving a list of irregular verbs with their forms.


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