Creative Minds: Art & Craft

Art has an enormous importance in every civilized society because of its cultural, moral, social and aesthetical values. The art of determines the prosperity of the nation as it is the culmination of past and present, and is bound to bring about the future prosperity of the country. Everybody has an urge for the creative art. The hidden artist-traits of a man’s personality get exposure whenever he gets an opportune chance or whenever he works under the inspirational guidance of some great artist. The world has progressed to such an extent that even a layman can be made an artist through Art-Education.

The series ‘Creative Minds’ is a successful attempt of the publishers to provide Art-Education to young learners.

The Series fulfils the much-desired aim of providing pleasure and satisfaction, enhancing the creative potential and including a feeling of confidence among the young learners. The text material included in the book is scientific, methodical and explanatory. The drawing and painting techniques have not only been fully explained but have also been made pleasing and eye catching through the judicious use of natural colours. The series is usefully graded to meet the instincts of young learners. It is hoped that the series will serve the purpose for which it has been presented.

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