Find More: General Knowledge

Let’s Find More is a series of General Knowledge for students of classes 1 to 8. It includes how, why, when and where of what we see and experience around us in everyday life. Designed with the perspective to stimulate young minds and enlarge their repertoire of information about the world they live in. It attempts to make acquiring of new information an enjoyable experience at the initiative of learners themselves.
Each book in the series includes the following contents: Language and Literature, Plants, Animals & Food, Science, Technology & Communications, Brainstorm & Mathematics, India Tour, World: People & Places, Sports & Games, Arts & Entertainment, Personality Development, Life Skills and My Portfolio
Special features:

  • Range of topics from the curriculum and beyond
  • Contemporary, up-to-dated and relevant information along with pictures
  • Activities, quizzes, puzzles and riddles
  • Did you know highlights interesting but relatively unknown facts.
  • Attractive, multicoloured illustrations and photographs to sustain the interest of students
  • Enhances learners’ awareness of their surroundings
  • Help Corner provides cues for students to successfully complete the quizzes
  • Brainstorm and Maths section challenges and tests child’s mental agility and problem-solving skills.
  • Rapid Fire and Quiz Time can serve as tools for summative assessment.
  • Most activities can be readily used for formative assessment.
  • Personality Development and Life Skills will stimulate thinking, and inculcate social and emotional skills of the learner, and equip them with the necessary skills to make progress in all walks of life.
  • My Portfolio motivates children to reflect on their experiences in day to day life and take note of them. They could also paste the pictures of things they are fascinated with the most.
  • Key at the end of each book will make learning/teaching hassle free.
  • Teacher’s Resource Book is very useful for the teacher to go beyond the classroom.