Advanced English Grammar

Advanced English Grammar & Composition comprises Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension practice and Writing Skills. It is written for advanced students preparing for Secondary and Senior Secondary school examinations. It can also be used by students preparing for competitive examinations.

  • Designed for self-study: Learners can choose items that they find difficult.
  • Has very learner-friendly layout and a variety of authentic and contextualized exercises.
  • Uses pictures and illustrations to contextualize some activities.
  • Can be used with all course books and as a supplementary material.
  • Contains detailed Content to ensure that the users can access the items they need.
  • Provides extensive practice in vocabulary building, comprehension of a wide range of reading texts, writing skills and precis writing.
  • Has exhaustive Appendices: Irregular Verbs and Comparative and Superlative Degrees of Comparison