Kohinoor Publications is a renowned publishing house in India. It was founded in 1992 in New Delhi. Since its inception it has been bringing out books that are used exclusively in schools at the pre- primary, primary and post- primary levels. However, it specializes in books connected with English Language Teaching (ELT). The books are geared towards shaping the young minds in keeping with the latest research in the educational pedagogy.

Code Bytes: Computer Science (Including AI and Coding) (for classes 1 to 8)
An Integrated Course in Mathematics (for classes 1 to 8)
Sahaj Hindi Pathmala (for classes 1 to 8)



Advanced English Grammar & Composition
for Secondary Classes


Trends in English: An Integrated Course in English for Schools
(for classes 1 to 8)


English in Use: Grammar & Composition
(for classes 1 to 8)


A Graded English Grammar & Composition
(for classes 1 to 8)


Find More: General Knowledge
(for classes 1 to 8)


Creative Minds: Art & Craft
(for classes 6 to 8)