Trends in English

Trends in English: An Integrated Course in English for Schools

Trends in English series is designed to facilitate learning of communicative and linguistic skills in English for learners of classes 1-8. It offers them ample opportunities to share their rich resources with the peers and teachers without any inhibition or fear. It is based on the belief that learners can acquire confidence, fluency and correctness in the language being learnt when they learn it in anxiety-free and real-life situations.
Each class has an Integrated Coursebook and a Teacher’s Book.
Special Features

  • Wide range of original reading texts including classics – both Indian and foreign
  • Innovative and integrated activities designed to improve learners’ vocabulary and understanding of grammar
  • Intensive practice of oral skills along with pronunciation drills, reading aloud, recitation, elocution, debates, extempore speeches, role-play, dialogues, conversations
  • A range of communication tasks based on recorded inputs that train learners to listen for words, phrases, information and messages
  • Variety of tasks to accommodate learners with different learning styles
  • English Proficiency Test in each book
  • Teacher’s Manual containing listening inputs, pronunciation drills, a model lesson plan and the answer key
  • Audio-Tracks for listening inputs